Company V’s Company Golf Days

Company vs company

One of the best ways to get the most out of your golf event is to host a joint company golf day with another business. Why? Because you will be maximising both the business building opportunities and the potential for forming fruitful relationships – and it makes for a lot more fun.

Imagine? A divided room full of 60 players 30 or so valued clients of yours wearing the colours of your company in the form of a really smart branded Callaway golf shirt about to do battle as part of your team.

I get excited just thinking about it!

A larger event will not only create a fantastic atmosphere, it will offer a more memorable experience for all those involved on the day.

Being guests at the joint event provides an instant connection and common ground for the clients of both companies, and with your most valued clients at the event singing your praises, you are highly likely to pick up some vital new business before the day ends.

Additionally, a joint company golf day enhances team spirit and brings some fun and competitive elements to the day. Your team of clients and colleagues will go up against the other company in the team prize. Working closely together as a team throughout the day will help to develop your relationships with your most valued clients through comradery in this social setting.

SCBG have a vast number of business and a variety of sectors in our database who could be looking for the next company to take on in a “Company V’s Company golf day”

Contact us If you would like to discuss options available or to discuss your own “Battle Royal” that will make the Ryder Cup look like a school boys match.

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